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Russian Martial Art Systema Training






Class Schedule and Location

Training is offered weekly every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7:30 PM through 9:00 PM. Training classes are held in the near west end of Richmond at 2310 1/2 West Main Street, Richmond, VA 23220.

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Class Atmosphere

The objective of Systema training is to facilitate self-actualization through the learning process of physical, psychological, and survival skills that’s offered by this Russian Martial Arts system.

Individuals within groups try to help each other to reach their maximum potential. Hopefully we try to leave our egos at the door. Everyone works to his/her own level and whilst there is no compulsion to go beyond this, there is encouragement to try to push oneself gradually beyond one’s comfort zone. Classes are characteristically very friendly, and students tend to build up a strong camaraderie. At the end of a class, everyone sits in a circle, and each student expresses his own views on how the class went. This provides a good opportunity for discussion and feedback.


Systema is ideal for people with no martial arts background. It’s also an excellent complementary skill set for soldiers and Law Enforcement officers and private security as well as experienced fighters of any martial arts and military backgrounds. Systema is generally best taught to those 16 years of age and older. Younger students will be evaluated on an individual basis. To create an optimal learning environment each student should be mature, attentive, positive, and be willing to work. These are a few of the characteristics necessary to learn Systema. Basic courteousness and communication with training partners are essential in fostering a humane and safe training environment.


There are no uniforms. Anything the student is most comfortable in or would normally wear is encouraged.  Students typically are found in loose pants with a belt and a t-shirt or comfortable street clothing.

Foundational Four Pillars of Systema

Unique Russian methods for:

  - Proper breathing
  - Relaxation
  - Movement
  - Posture

In a violent or stressful situation, the individual often finds that one (or more) of these pillars disappears, resulting in a greater chance for an undesirable outcome. Therefore, all training exercises and movements incorporate and emphasize these concepts.

Technique vs. Principle . . .

An important aspect of Systema training is that techniques are not learned by memorization but through an in-depth study of an individual's natural body movement and reactions. The key is to understand one's core reactions and bodily abilities and build a framework to achieve "freedom of movement."

It is not our goal to overload the student with a set of common techniques. This would naturally go against our training philosophy. Over a period of time, each student becomes comfortable navigating their bodies in a variety of situations. The System shows that techniques become a side-effect of the proper application of the four pillars of Systema. Since the "real world" presents potentially an infinite number of different threat situations, the ultimate goal is to be flexible, aware, and relaxed enough to work properly within any given context.

Topics Covered

 - Advanced breath and energy work
 - Special Russian conditioning work for total freedom of movement of every joint of the body
 - Strikes from any angle in every possible combination
 - Practical kicking and defense against kicks
 - Safe falling and rolls
 - Defense against weapons
 - Defense in confined spaces
 - Holds and releases
 - Throws, countering throws, trips, sweeps and counters
 - Groundwork and defense against wrestling maneuvers
 - Special Russian situational simulations for intuition, sensitivity, awareness and confidence
 - Russian weapons training, including the Spetsnaz shovel, Nagayka, and other military equipment
 - Physical and Psychological preparedness against mass attacks
 - Improvised weapons
 - Massage and healing

Enrollment Forms

Please download, fill out, and return the following forms to enroll with Russian Martial Art Richmond.

     - Student Waiver of Liability Form (Click To Download)

     - Student Application Form (Click To Download) 

Enrollment Fees

We understand that different people have different schedules, financial situations, and time constraints.  In order to serve the wide variety of needs that our students have, we offer multiple payment options to fit each individual.  

Please call or email to discuss which option is best suited for you.  For a link detailing the various options available please click here.

For prospective students who would like to experience Systema first hand, we offer an introductory rate of two (2) classes for $20.   

No Contracts required!

Payment can be made via: Cash/Check, or Credit Card/PayPal (Use the "Buy Now" Button)                 (Paypal fees are added to the enrollment fee)

2 Class Introduction


Additional Services and Benefits

In addition to training, students will receive 

   - Discounted rates for local seminars held by Russian Martial Art Richmond 

   - Purchase training tools and materials from Russian Martial Art Headquarter at discounted rates.

We also offer Private Instruction, Group and Corporate Training, Specialized Instruction as well as Seminars and Workshops which are available by appointment.